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At The Crescent we know everybody likes different things and so we like to offer a diverse learning programme to appeal to varying tastes! Our latest programme delivers just that! It’s full to the brim of your favourite courses and workshops, along with some new and exciting ones! So what are you waiting for, delve into our latest programme and Try Something New!

We have lots on offer but here are some of our weekly highlights:

Due to the current health emergency please note that we have removed the Creative Learning Spring Term Programme of Courses and Workshops from the website.

To our Customers who purchased a Course or Workshop - we will be in touch ASAP.
To our Tutors - we will continue our correspondence.

All: please make sure you sign up to The Crescent mailing list for updates on Spring, Summer and Winter Terms.
Thank you all for your patience.

Very best wishes,
Chief Executive,
The Crescent
26th March 2020

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