The Crescent Mission & Vision

The Crescent has recently undergone a Strategic review. Through a series of consultation workshops and meetings involving participants, audience members, tutors, artists, staff and board members and a range of external stakeholders, a new strategy has been developed for The Crescent.

In light of this strategic review, a new sense of direction has been established and a new mission, vision, a set of values and aims have been developed:


To be a vibrant and welcoming hub where everyone can experience the power of the arts and develop their creativity.  


A society which actively values and promotes creativity and the arts for everyone.



The following values should underpin every aspect of the organisation’s culture and activities:

The Power of the arts
We believe in the power of the arts to transform lives and promote personal and social wellbeing. We believe that everyone can benefit from engagement in the appropriate artform at the level that meets their needs and progress. Central to our work will be delivering high quality arts programmes and events, which help meet people’s needs and aspirations.

We believe in the intrinsic worth and dignity of every person. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service, providing a friendly and welcoming environment and treating each individual with respect, seeking to promote their wellbeing, creative development and enjoyment.

We recognise the importance of building honest relationships based on trust and transparency. We will say what we mean and mean what we say. We will be open and accountable in all dealings with participants, customers, stakeholders and each other.

We recognise that everyone has different needs, strengths and aspirations. We will listen to our participants and customers and continuously reflect on our programmes and be flexible and innovative in responding to changing needs and priorities.

We believe that a healthy and stable society needs to be built by people working and sharing together. We will be open to those of all ages, classes, faiths and cultures and celebrate the diversity of the society in which we live. We will actively seek to engage and support those who are under-represented in the arts. We will ensure that the Crescent is as accessible as possible and will oppose anything that excludes or marginalises people.

We are very conscious that the Crescent is facing major financial challenges with cuts in its statutory funding and increasing costs. Much of the first year of the new Strategic Plan will involve actions, including generating income from a variety of sources to ensure that the Crescent is sustainable in the long-term.

The appointment of an Interim Director has provided the opportunity to reflect on the journey to date; where we now are in the changing ecology of arts organisations in the city; what the unique status and purpose of the Crescent is today; and what needs to happen to ensure it is fit-for-purpose moving forward. The appointment of a new permanent CEO by mid-2019 will provide the opportunity to lead the organisation into a new phase of its development.

The consultation process that The Crescent has undergone has helped clarify a sense of direction, in which the activities of the Centre are more integrated across wider themes and artforms, rather in the traditional categories of: Creative Learning (classes and workshops); Live events; Outreach; Organisations in our Creative Hub; and the Book Festival. However, achieving this integration will take some time and many conversations between the Crescent and all the artists, tutors and creative organisations.

For all these reasons, the board of The Crescent has decided to commit to this new strategic plan up to 31st March 2020 and will start work on developing the following strategy with the new CEO from September 2019 to be implemented from 1st April 2020.

To read the full version of The Crescent Strategic Plan please click here.

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