The Crescent Arts Centre Belfast

The Crescent

Over the years, The Crescent has continuously transformed. This beautiful Victorian building has been a school, a dance hall, a vegan cafe and a creative hub and we continue to renovate as we add pieces to our diverse jigsaw.

As a busy arts centre and cultural hub, we have lots going on inside our building:

The Crescent Live

Each week we offer a whole host of live events. From immersive theatre to live music and comedy, to dance performances, film screenings, book launches and cabaret shows, this beautiful building offers a diverse platform for live events.

The Crescent Learning

We know everybody likes different things and so we like to offer a diverse learning programme to appeal to varying tastes.

Each week we run 200 classes and workshops, which are programmed into our 3 yearly programmes. Our wide-ranging artistic programme spreads across all art forms including dance, wellbeing, drama, music, visual arts, crafts, creative writing and reading, languages, culture, children and family.

This wide offering has been an important factor throughout the centre’s existence as we encourage everyone to Try Something New.  

The Crescent Gallery

Inside our beautiful building  there are numerous dedicated exhibition spaces. Our main Gallery is one of Belfast’s most beautiful art spaces which is flooded with natural light.

SInce coming under the programming of the Crescent, the Gallery has been home to a wide range of exhibitions in all manner of media, catering for a varying range of interests.

The gallery has featured the works of both local and internationally renowned artists including Alacoque Davey, Diane Henshaw, Brendan Jamison, Sharon Kelly, Paddy McCann, Dougal McKenzie, Claire Muckian, Caroline Mullen, and Ellie Niblock. Plus we work with organisations to bring some incredible art to Belfast including Ulster Watercolour Society, Belfast Print Workshops and Adam’s FIne Art to name but a few.

The Crescent Engage

Working closely with local authorities, agencies and organisations, we provide an inspiring community programme that reaches out to a wide range of participants via our Outreach & Education programme.

We encourage and facilitate the participation in and appreciation of artistic activities by people from all sectors of society that who may not normally have the opportunity to participate in such activities.

The Crescent Hub

We are home to two key festivals a year; the Belfast Book Festival and Citydance and we provide office space within The Crescent Hub; an appropriate cultural environment for art organisations to flourish.

But why do we do all that we do? Out of a love of arts, people and community.

The Crescent:

  • enriches lives
  • provides a space for artists to flourish and deliver groundbreaking art in a supportive environment
  • is a happy place, where you can Try Something New
  • is dedicated to the preservation and improvement of a historic building that is enjoyed by the public
  • offers an exciting and innovative programme in flexible spaces
  • assists in placing culture and arts at the heart of Belfast’s cultural and heritage offering
  • allows people of all ages, ability and backgrounds to interact with the Crescent as members, participants and audiences

We are proud of what we do, and this is reflected in our achievements.

  • High levels of community engagement and participation
  • Growth of the Arts Centre into a vibrant cultural hub, with xxx people enjoying our programme a year
  • No other organisation can parallel the programme offered by The Crescent with participants travelling from Greater Belfast and beyond to attend classes, workshops and events
  • Deliver 32 weeks of classes and workshops each year via 3 artistic programmes
  • Home to artists and creative art businesses
  • The Crescent has received awards for architectural excellence
  • Home to 2 key festivals each year; the Belfast Book Festival and CityDance

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