Thrive Audience Development

Thrive supports Northern Ireland’s arts, culture and heritage organisations to understand and grow their audiences.

Tell us a bit about what your company does.

From audience research, insights, practical toolkits and templates, to events, workshops and more casual one-to-one conversations, we offer free resources tailored to the sector’s wants and needs. We also provide bespoke services for organisations who want to find out more about their own audiences: surveys, audience development plan, ticketing data research, communications strategy – you name it!

With us, knowing your audiences is no longer a mystery.


When did you become part of The Crescent's creative Creative Hub?

October 2020.

Do you have a special relationship to The Crescent? / What is your story with The Crescent?

Our Client Director Fiona Bell has shared a touching memory, that reflects on her connection to The Crescent and what it means to her.

One dreary day in January fellow friends gathered one to celebrate the life of our friend Patrick Sanders. Patrick, an amazing artist and mischievous devil, had been part of the  Arts sector for a long time and had worked with many different people over the years. The Crescent seemed the perfect spot for us all to come together that day. I saw so many people that I hadn’t talked to in years – all of us joined together in our sadness. We connected. We supported each other. Sort of what the building is about, really.”


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