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Poetry Jukebox

Divining Dante

Celebrating Seven Centuries of Dante Alighieri

We are proud to be a home to The Poetry Jukebox. Select a poem to listen to! The current selection ‘Divining Dante’  is inspired by Dante Alighieri’s 700th birthday - listen to poetry in Italian and English. 20 of the contributors to Divining Dante, including poets from Ireland and Italy, recorded their poems for inclusion in the Poetry Jukebox. Some poems are read in English, some in Italian; all have Dante as their focus. Come have a listen

Featured Poets

Italy: Antonella Anedda, Moira Egan and Massimo Gezzi

UK: Philip Goss, Anthony Vahni Capildeo and Maura Dooley

Ireland: Eleanor Hooker, Eileen Ni Chuilleanin, Joseph Woods and Mary O’Donnell

US: Cindy Frenkel and Jacqueline Osherow

Australia: Merlinda Bobis, Felicity Plunkett and Adrian Caesar

Singapore: Theophilus Kwek and Marc Nair

India: Mamang Dai Irwan, Alan Sealy and Vivek Naraya


Poetry Jukebox are Changing the Message! Located in the Cresent's Garden, they want to share beautiful, profound and life-arming words and change the words on our streets, opening hearts and minds, putting poetry to work where it belongs: everywhere, for everyone.

Poetry Jukebox is an international project founded by OndÅ™ej Kobza, a Prague-based cultural activist focused on the animation of public space and ways of making cities more liveable for the people that live in them.

He created a steel structure, deliberately styled to bring to mind a gramophone or speaking trumpet, with a button to press for anyone to hear a poet read their own poem, anytime, free gratis and for nothing.

For learn more about Poetry Jukebox, click here.

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