Joby Fox

Date Friday 17 May 2024
Time 8:00 PM - 10:30 PM
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Joby Fox



Joby Fox is a veteran of the music industry, starting in 1980 with The Bankrobbers who challenged the dark and paranoia in their hometown of Belfast which landed them a deal with EMI. Then on to other music adventures in London, always pushing the limits and sticking up for his war-torn home. As a native of Belfast, Northern Ireland and a songwriter and performer, Joby Fox is the authentic voice of post-conflict Ireland and a humanitarian activist.

Although love is the drive there is much more to Joby's songwriting than love songs.. His often hard hitting and honest words have paved the way for difficult conversations, challenged our identities and ideologies. A diverse artist with his roots firmly in Irish soil he has been involved in great international initiatives as an advocate for peace, and in 2015 he opened the inaugural UN Peace Festival in Hong Kong, and in 2016 he was musical director of the Orchestre des Refugies et Amis. Joby is also co-founder of Refugee Rescue, a humanitarian NGO providing life saving sea rescue at the refugee crossing on the island of Lesbos, alongside fellow artist and curator Jude Bennett.  

Currently Joby is recording a new album of songs, and finishing his script for a feature film. Growing up through some of the worst atrocities in contemporary Europe in the 70s and 80s, Joby’s honesty and vision creates an edge that makes him a relevant figure in both the Irish and the international music and art scene today; Always searching, always evolving artistically. His work reaches deep into the soul of humanity and is always up- front and personal, drawing from the environment around him and his Irish musical heritage.

Support from special guest Taylor Lally. 

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