Eimear Crehan: Grá Mór Tour

Date Friday 12 April 2024
Time 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Price£15 | £12
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Eimear Crehan: Grá Mór Tour


Join renowned Irish artist Eimear Crehan as part of her mesmerizing ‘Grá Mór’ tour across Ireland, where her extraordinary ability to captivate audiences turns theatres into vibrant hubs of emotion and connection. Eimear’s voice, weaving a tapestry of deep feelings, enchants and moves her audience, transcending ordinary performances.

Unique to this tour is her collaboration with choirs, blending communal choral power with her intimate solo artistry, creating an ethereal, unified concert experience. Eimear’s live shows are more than just vocal displays; they are immersive emotional journeys, where each song tells a story and every performance becomes a shared exploration of human feelings.

Eimear will be supported by two fantastic choirs, the SUSO Community Choir and Big Belfast Choir.

Speak Up Sing Out Community Choir is a wonderful group that comes together for friendship, music, laughter and connection. The Community Choir explores music from lots of different styles with a focus on fun and community. Highlights from the Community Choir have included performing with Mundy, the High Hopes Choir, singing at the Dawn Chorus at Newgrange and playing the Vantastival music festival. The Community Choir are looking forward to playing with Stocktons Wing later this year.

Big Belfast Choir is a community choir based in Belfast that is all about fun. The choir loves to sing, make friends, embrace life and do things a little differently. Big Belfast are not your average choir – they’re bright, they’re vivacious and have a zest for life!

Join Eimear with support from SUSO Community Choir and Big Belfast Choir for a night of music magic!

Age Range18+ years

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