Belfast Guitar Festival 2024: Night 3

Date Sunday 25 August 2024
Time 7:30 PM - 10:00 PM
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Belfast Guitar Festival 2024: Night 3

Belfast Guitar Festival


We are delighted to welcome to The Crescent the Belfast Guitar Festival for a 3-day takeover of the building. 

The final night of the Festival presents an extraordinary lineup of homegrown talent, featuring the dynamic String Ninjas, the mesmerizing Gary Lutton, the emotive Neil O’Brien, the versatile John Tracey, and the soulful Niall Lawlor. Each artist brings a unique sound and unparalleled skill, making this event a true celebration of local musical brilliance.

String Ninjas, known for their electrifying fusion of violin and guitar, will kick off the festival with a performance that promises to captivate and energize the audience. Their dynamic interplay and innovative soundscapes are a testament to their exceptional talent and creativity. 

Gary Lutton, a Fingerstyle Guitar Champion, will mesmerize with his intricate melodies and technical mastery. His performances are a journey through complex compositions, each piece delivered with passion and precision.

Neil O’Brien’s set will be a highlight, showcasing his ability to convey deep emotions through his guitar. His expressive playing style resonates with audiences, creating an intimate and powerful musical experience.

John Tracey’s versatility will be on full display as he navigates various genres with ease, demonstrating his broad range and exceptional technique. His performances are a testament to his dedication and skill.

Niall Lawlor rounds out the lineup with his soulful blend of classical and contemporary influences. His playing is both heartfelt and technically superb, making for an engaging and moving experience.

Join us at the Belfast Guitar Festival for an evening of unforgettable performances by these incredible local artists. Celebrate the rich musical talent that Belfast has to offer and be part of an event that promises to inspire and delight.

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