Belfast Guitar Festival 2024: Night 1

Date Friday 23 August 2024
Time 7:30 PM - 10:00 PM
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Belfast Guitar Festival 2024: Night 1

Belfast Guitar Festival


We are delighted to welcome to The Crescent the Belfast Guitar Festival for a 3-day takeover of the building. 

Ossia Music School's talented guitarists Christopher Farrington, Jonny Stead, and Jonny Dowie are set to make their debut at the Belfast Guitar Festival, supporting the renowned local guitarist DBM.

This event marks a significant milestone for these budding musicians, who have honed their craft under the guidance of Ossia's expert instructors.

Christopher Farrington, known for his intricate fingerstyle techniques, Jonny Stead, celebrated for his versatility across genres, and Jonny Dowie, whose soulful playing captivates audiences, are all from Belfast, bringing a deep connection to the local music scene.

DBM, a guitarist who has earned a legendary status in Belfast with his innovative playing and contributions to the local music community, is both an honor and a testament to their talent.

Join us at the Belfast Guitar Festival for an weekend of unforgettable performances by incredible artists. Celebrate the rich musical talent that Belfast has to offer and be part of an event that promises to inspire and delight.

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