Belfast Guitar Festival 2024: Luthier Day

Date Saturday 24 August 2024
Time 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
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Belfast Guitar Festival 2024: Luthier Day

Belfast Guitar Festival

We are delighted to welcome to The Crescent the Belfast Guitar Festival for a 3-day takeover of the building. 

Join us Saturday as the Festival proudly presents Luthier Day, a celebration of the intricate art of guitar building by local luthiers.

This special day highlights the craftsmanship and dedication of Belfast's finest guitar makers, who blend traditional techniques with innovative designs to create unique instruments cherished by musicians. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet these skilled artisans, observe their meticulous work firsthand, and learn about the various stages of guitar construction.

Luthier Day will feature demonstrations on wood selection, carving, and assembly, showcasing the detailed processes that go into crafting highquality guitars. Local luthiers will share their insights into the challenges and joys of their craft, emphasizing the importance of maintaining the heritage of guitar making while also pushing the boundaries of modern design.

Visitors can explore a range of guitars on display, each reflecting the distinct style and personality of its maker. From classical acoustics to cutting-edge electrics, the diversity of instruments will highlight the rich tapestry of talent within the Belfast luthier community.

This event not only honors the artistry and skill involved in guitar building but also fosters a deeper appreciation for the instruments that shape Belfast's vibrant music scene.

Luthier Day at the Belfast Guitar Festival is a must-attend for anyone passionate about music and the fine art of guitar craftsmanship.

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