Watercolour for Beginners

Date Friday 12 April 2024 until Friday 14 June 2024
Time 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Price£152 | £142
TutorNatasha Barr

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Watercolour for Beginners


This tutor led 10-week course is suitable for absolute beginners to improvers. 

The course will take you through the various techniques used when working with watercolour, such as washes, working wet on wet and wet on dry, lifting out and masking for highlights, and many other techniques to achieve textural effects. 

Once you’ve learnt the various techniques you’ll put them into practice working from the images provided. 

Materials Required:


  • A selection of soft watercolour brushes would be ideal, ranging from small tips for detail to larger brushes that hold a lot of water for background washes. These can be bought in sets or individually.


  • Watercolour paint can be purchased in tubes or in solids. It comes down to preference & I usually use both. However, if buying new I would suggest tubes. If you have solids already then, I would suggest also buying a tube of each of the primary colours…red, yellow & blue. Please buy quality brands and not form discount stores – It matters!


  • The bigger the pallet the better for mixing your colours as a lot of water is used


  • Please use good quality watercolour paper – I will be working on both A4 & A5 size paper. Cheaper watercolour paper from discount stores is ideal for test paper

Masking Tape

  • You will need this to frame your paintings with masking tape. “Frog” tape is also a good tape to use.

Other Equipment:

- Ruler

- HB Pencil

- Apron

- Kitchen Roll


About the Tutor

Natasha Barr is a classically trained painter and educator who teaches at various art centres throughout Northern Ireland and Donegal. She works in various mediums, such as oil, pastel, watercolour & charcoal depicting landscape, still life and portraits.

Originally from Donegal, Natasha moved to Belfast and completed her BA(Hons) degree at Belfast College of Art in 1995 – 1998. Since then, Natasha has trained under many acclaimed artists, mainly focusing on the old masters.

For more info: Natasha Barr Fine Art | Art Classes Belfast

Age Range16+ years
LevelBeginners & Improvers

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