Russian: Beginners - Continuation (A0/A1)

Date Monday 08 January 2024 until Monday 18 March 2024
Time 7:15 PM - 8:30 PM
Price£90 | £85
TutorTatiana Vakhrameeva

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Russian: Beginners - Continuation (A0/A1)


This course is for those that joined us for Russian: Beginners September – December 2023 or those that have a beginner's knowledge of alphabet,  basic understanding of Russian greeting phrases ( Здравствуйте /Привет , Как ваши дела? Хорошо, спасибо Как ваш день? Досвидания /Пока) and basic knowledge of introducing yourself (name, job , origin , family , likes/dislikes )

You will continue your journey learning about food, places in town, directions, shopping + numbers, using simple grammar constructions ( Verb conjugation, past tense, introduction to Russian Cases )

Unsure if this language level is right for you? Click here to read our helpful guide. 


About the Tutor:

Originally from Siberia, Russia. Tatiana has been living in Belfast for 15 years.

Having graduated from University in Surgut, Russia with a Language degree in teaching Modern Languages : English, German and Russian, She taught Russian and English from beginners up to advanced levels in Surgut School of Foreign Languages (Russia) She has been teaching Russian to adults in Belfast Met and Crescent Arts Centre for over 13 years.

Age Range16+ years
LevelBeginners (Continuation: A0 & A1)
Half Term12 February 2024 until 18 February 2024

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