Russian: Beginners

Date Wednesday 12 September 2018 until Wednesday 05 December 2018
Time 8:15 PM - 9:15 PM
Price£98 | £92
TutorTatiana Vakhrameeva

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Russian: Beginners

Foreign Language

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Come along and learn some Russian in a relaxed interactive atmosphere.

The aim of this Beginners Russian course is to introduce you to the language, the culture and basic grammatical concepts and to equip you with the skills to communicate at an essential level.

Little or no previous experience of the language is required for this course.

By the end of this level, you should be able to interact in basic situations, such as introducing yourself and others and asking / answering questions about personal details.

About the Tutor

Originally from Siberia, Russia. Tatiana has been living in Belfast for nearly 11 years.

Having graduated from Teacher Training University in Surgut, Russia with a Bachelor degree in teaching English, German and Russian, she taught Russian and English from beginners up to advanced levels in Surgut School of Foreign Languages (Russia)

She has been teaching Russian to adults in Belfast Met and Crescent Arts Centre for over 10 years.


Age Range16+ yrs
Half Term29 October 2018 until 04 November 2018

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