Learn Italian Together

Date Friday 13 January 2023 until Friday 31 March 2023
Time 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Price£95 | £90
TutorGiada Mangiardi

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Learn Italian Together


Have you been looking for a way to learn and spend time with your children?

Whether Italian is the language you speak at home and you want your kids to gain some confidence using it or you want to learn a new language skill as a family and interact with others, this 11-week course is the perfect solution! 

Together you will play games, learn new words in a natural way, sing songs and much more, all in a fun and relaxed environment.


*1 ticket is valid for a child and an adult 


About the Tutor

Hailing from the beautiful city of Turin, Giada Mangiardi is a language teacher who has a passion for languages in both the spoken form and the science behind them. After completing her MA degree in Linguistics in 2007 she moved to Co. Limerick and taught Italian in a school. After a year she moved to Belfast where she has been working as a language tutor to all ages in QUB, Belfast Metropolitan College and the Crescent Arts Centre. She has also worked as a Language Coach at the Grand Opera House.

Giada has collaborated in the editing of Italian language course books as well as works dealing with minority languages. She looks forward to sharing with you her knowledge and love for Italian in all its aspects, from grammar to food, from music to regional traditions.


Age Range5 - 9 years (Accompanied by an Adult)
Half Term13 February 2023 until 18 February 2023
VenueThe Crescent

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