Introduction to Editing your photos in Lightroom

Date Friday 08 May 2020 until Wednesday 08 July 2020
Time 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
TutorCarrie Davenport

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Introduction to Editing your photos in Lightroom


Interactive Live Workshop

This online interactive workshop will take you through using Lightroom to edit and enhance your photographs.

Using Zoom software, photographer Carrie will give an intro to her work and how she uses Adobe Lightroom then share her screen with you so you can learn the basics of adjusting your images for greater quality.

Follow along with her workflow and learn about importing your photos, storing them, naming files and exporting, editing colour, contrast and exposure and making detailed corrections to really make your photographs look their best.

Lightroom is a fantastic piece of software and this workshop is a must for any budding photographers who really want to get the most from their images.

Please note Lightroom is a paid for software app so you will need your own copy or trial to work along.

Zoom online meeting software is free and the tutor will provide information on setting that up to use.

A recording of the session will also be shared with participants afterwards to practise at home and the workshop will be interactive allowing a Q&A session.

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About the Tutor

Carrie first discovered her love of photography when she was putting her hatred of maths class into practise at school. Choosing instead to hide in the art department. It was there she first tried to teach herself about the darkroom and fell in love with photography. She got an old fully manual Pentax SLR and started teaching herself as much as she could about photography and developing her own black and white images. After school she went on to study Art and Design at Tech before completing a degree at the Belfast School of Art.

Throughout that time her focus was always in photography (no pun intended) and after leaving university she worked for a design agency for several years until she decided to go it alone and set up her own business in 2005.

Since then she has met amazing people, photographed amazing things and travelled all over the world with work. She shoots a wide range of subject areas but specialises in music and event photography.

Age Range16+ years
LevelLower Intermediate

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