Get to Know your Singing Voice

Date Tuesday 16 January 2024 until Tuesday 19 March 2024
Time 5:15 PM - 7:15 PM
Price£108 | £99
TutorVanissa Law

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Get to Know your Singing Voice


The course 10-week aims to help students to gain a better understanding of your voice, and most importantly, to sing healthily with good breath support.

The first half of the course covers the mechanism of production, phonation, and resonance. It also includes basic diction, which is a crucial but easily overlooked aspect to develop a clear and powerful tone.

The second half of the course will be devoted to song-based sessions that focus on performance practices, and the integration and application of the singing skills covered.


About the Tutor

Classically trained in her early years, Vanissa studied voice in Hong Kong and the United States, and was the winner of the regional (Indiana) audition of the National Association of Teachers of Singing in US in 2008. She has been teaching singing in different styles for 20 years. She believes that every voice is unique, and is committed to help students discover their own singing instinct, develop their natural voices, and find their own individual musical talents.

Vanissa obtained her PhD in composition 2016 under the supervision of Prof Christopher Keyes. Law was a Visiting Scholar at Queen’s University Belfast last year and gave a sound art performance on the subject matter of food consumption. She currently lives in Northern Ireland with her silver tabby Reese.

Age Range18+ years
LevelAll levels welcome
Half Term12 February 2023 until 18 February 2023

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