The Voice of Carers & The Power of Writing

Date Friday 16 June 2023
Time 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
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The Voice of Carers & The Power of Writing

Belfast Book Festival


During Carers Week in  2021, the Northern Ireland Minister for Health launched Carers Collective Creations: Voices of Carers. This is a book written by carers in the Northern Trust area about their experiences of caring. Voices of Carers includes poems, stories and reflections on the challenges and rewards of caring, and advice for other carers. The book also explores the process of writing together and supporting each other. Every carer on the Trust Carer Register has received a copy of the book, with positive feedback.

This event will include readings from the book by the authors and contributions from representatives from the Northern Trust and from Dr Shelley Tracey, who facilitated the writing process. Alison Irwin, Head of Equality and Trust Lead for Carer Support, Northern Health and Social CareTrust, will explain how the book emerged and its impact. 

The authors will report on how they wrote together, and will reflect on their development as writers since this project began.  The event will also include discussion on the important role which writing can play in self-expression and self-care,  and guidance for any community group hoping to create a collective piece of writing.

Copies of the book will be available at the event. 

Contributors will include Claire Campbell, Carers Coordinator, Northern Health and Social Care Trust. 

Authors of Carers Collective Creations, and members of the NHSCT Carers Writing Group: Heather Beaumont; Amanda Gourley; Indu Jairath; Jayne McCaw; Mari M; Stephanie O'Neill; Winona Wilson; Susie Deacon; and Linda MacCormack.

VenueThe Crescent

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