The Legend of the Pianist in Maghaberry – A documentary

Date Sunday 02 December 2018
Time 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
PriceFree Event


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A Studio Ticket will get you a seat in the Studio space, which is the room adjacent to the Cube, where the event is being held. The film will be screened in this space also.

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The Legend of the Pianist in Maghaberry – A documentary


Sold Out

The Italian Honorary Consulate to Northern Ireland is delighted to present the public premiere of the documentary "La leggenda del pianista a Maghaberry" ("The Legend of the Pianist in Maghaberry"), a project co-funded by the Italian Cultural Institute in Edinburgh, HMP Maghaberry and the Ulster University – Restorative Practices.

The project started in late February 2018, when Dr Federica Ferrieri, Italian Honorary Consul to Northern Ireland, started to teach Italian to a group of inmates in Maghaberry prison. At the end of September 2018, she was joined by the Italian actor Stefano Panzeri, Zoe Tweedy and Krizzah Policarpio for an intensive one-week Italian and drama workshop, where the inmates acted some scenes from the book Novecento (1994) by Italian author Alessandro Baricco.

The participants were exposed to the story of Novecento, a baby born on an ocean liner in 1900 sailing from Europe to America, who became the greatest ever jazz pianist without ever leaving the safe environment of the ship. The acting elicited numberless reflections and discussions about topics relevant to the participants' own life experience – their goals and ambitions, their choices and hopes, their feelings and affections, and their connection with society.

Thanks to the valuable support of Governor Amanda Wood, who helped to make the project possible, and of Tim Chapman (UU) who supervised the project and introduced a perspective of restorative practice in it, the Italian community had the opportunity to offer to a vulnerable part of our local society its own language and literature, that the participants used as a neutral territory to express themselves.

The one-week workshop was filmed in its entirety by Zoe Tweedy (MA Film Graduate from Queen's University, Best Short Documentary Belfast Film Festival 2017) and Krizzah Policarpio, and edited by Zoe to achieve a short yet powerful insight of the inmates' thoughts and sensitivity.

The documentary will be partly in Italian (with English subtitles) and partly in English (with Italian subtitles), and it is suitable for a general audience.

The Italian Consul General to Scotland and Northern Ireland and Director of the Italian Cultural Institute, Mr Fabio Monaco, will be present, along with Federica Ferrieri, Amanda Wood, Tim Chapman, Stefano Panzeri, Zoe Tweedy and Krizzah Policarpio.

The event is open to everyone and we encourage the wider community to attend. It is a free event, yet donations will be welcome and will be used for the next Italian & Drama project.


Co-Funders: Italian Cultural Institute, HMP Maghaberry, Ulster University - Restorative Practices

Creative Direction by Stefano Panzeri

Produced by Federica Ferrieri

Documentary Direction and Cinematography by Zoe Tweedy

Sound by Krizzah Policarpio

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