The Crescent Moon Club - Take Back The Gym

Date Saturday 08 December 2018 until Sunday 09 December 2018
Time 9:00 PM - 2:00 AM
Price£15 Pre booked | £18 on the door


The Crescent is excited to present Belfast’s newest, oldest club night.

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The Crescent Moon Club - Take Back The Gym



If we had a pound for everytime someone told us about the epic parties that used to happen in the old dilapidated Crescent gym during the 90s and early 2000s we’d all have long retired to our holiday home on the Bangor seafront.

Unfortunately and unbelievably with absolutely nobody willing to stump up that kind of cash, we’ve gone and done the next best thing.

Join us for the first ever Crescent Moon Club as we look to take back our gym and fill it with the best music Belfast and Northern Ireland has to offer.

3 acts, a pounding DJ set late into the night, cloakroom facilities and a soft drinks and ice bar!

Wait! Did you say, “soft drinks bar and ice bar !?!?” We did, we did say soft drinks and ice bar - but only because Crescent Moon Club is strictly BYO. So whatever your poison we’ll have you covered - Coke (other Cola products are available) for your rum, tonic for your gin or just a little lime juice for your room temperature can of Carlsberg.

Get your tickets early, because although it’s been a while, that old gym of ours has forgotten how to throw a party!

The line-up for the evening includes:

Amy Montgomery

Amy Montgomery is an Irish singer, songwriter with a powerful and raw voice. Together with Michael Mormecha (Drums) and Zach Trouton (Keys), the threesome deliver a fresh, edgy and original live performance.

“She came on stage with all the attitude of Joan Jett. In feathered bra-top, leather-look leggings, war paint and biker jacket, this girl is ballsy. And she has the voice to match” - Gigging NI

Waking Android

Waking Android sees the coming together of two well known figures in the Belfast hip-hop scene, dsgrace & Kronus. Officially formed in October 2016 with two tracks rushed together in time to perform a joint set at Portrush hip-hop event GYRO3, the pair never looked back and set to work on crafting their debut EP, Adrenochrome. After trailblazing live events all over the country in the lead up to the release, Adrenochrome arrived in July 2017 to much fanfare across Irish hip-hop and beyond.

The Tragedy of Dr Hannigan

The Tragedy of Dr Hannigan slammed onto the Belfast music scene in 2017. Its very existence being the manufactured monster of two evil genius morons. It is the bastard child of one Mr Tony Wright & one Mr Dean Stevens.

Tony Wright, known to the Police (Sting etc) as VerseChorusVerse, is the founding ex member of ASIWYFA. He downed his instrumental chops some years ago now and dived headfirst into songcraft & penning ill advised band bios.

Dean Stevens, evil genius producer & multi-instrumentalist mangler, known to Sting & his matesoccasionally as Deany Darko, is the other maniacal yet willing contributor to this musical maelstrom. He is the slider/fader pusher mastermind behind capturing the gargantuan talents of acts as diverse as Thomas Leeb to Sabrejets, amongst many others. Neither of these individuals should ever be approached from any direction. 

The Tragedy of Dr Hannigan is the pairs warning to the larger world. What is the one thing that one should do with a Tragedy? Why, to learn from it of course. Don't do as these malevolent snake oil salesman have done to the embattled and poor lost soul of the tragic Dr Hannigan. Sacrificed to save their own souls through his own creation. But oh my, do they know how to jam. Get on board, turn it up & enjoy. If not for you, for The Tragedy of Dr Hannigan. 

“Traipsing a tightrope between Alabama 3, Tom Waits & Grinderman; this is not music for those of a nervous disposition. This is music to get arrested to, music to ask forgiveness to... this is The Tragedy of Dr Hannigan” – Phil Taggart, BBC Radio 1 

“Meaty, beaty, big & bouncy; this is blues power with a proper Rock n Roll heart...Epic” – Ralph McLean,BBC

Dimebag DJs

Set by Dimebag DJs takes us late into the night!

So what are you waiting for, come join us as Belfast oldest, newest night returns, as we Take Back the Gym! 

Age Range18+

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