The 10 Dark Secrets of 1798

Date Thursday 12 September 2019
Time 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Price£10 | £8
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The 10 Dark Secrets of 1798


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Historical Entertainer Paddy Cullivan brings you an audiovisual spectacular two centuries after the rebellion that changed Ireland forever.

Incorporating 300 images, historical insight, satirical wit and song - Paddy reveals the 10 strangest things (and Darkest Secrets) that happened before, during and after the insurrection that (briefly) united Protestant, Catholic and Dissenter. He also draws parallels with those events’ effects on modern Ireland in a story that unfolds like an addictive thriller.

Why is the death of Wolfe Tone still a mystery and why did it need to look like suicide?

Who was the establishment figure that may have been his real father?

In the time of the Penal laws, what national icon was a conspicuous 'Loyal Catholic'?

How did Napper Tandy inadvertently help with Napoleon's love life?

And which of his 'lucky' generals may have scuppered everything from Bantry Bay to Waterloo?

Why did Protestant Republicanism change so quickly and radically to Orange Unionism?

And how did remembering 1798 grow more challenging with every passing year?

All these questions and more will be dealt with in 'The 10 Dark Secrets of 1798'.

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Age Range16+ yrs

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