Paul Currie: Hot Donkey

Date Thursday 15 November 2018
Time 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Price£10 | £8


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Paul Currie: Hot Donkey



An Edinburgh Fringe favourite boasting Stewart Lee as an ardent fan, we are thrilled that Paul Currie is bringing to The Crescent Hot Donkey

Hot Donkey is Currie’s most personal show to date, as it examines letting go of our obsessions with icons and brands. It looks at our fascination with rule breakers, and those who question social structure, while we remain scared of breaking rules and questioning the world ourselves. It asks that we take iconic artists as inspiration, but only that, as we must ultimately follow our own heart and gut, to create new art and new culture.

Hot Donkey was is a sell-out show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2014-2017 and was previously nominated for Best New Show at Leicester Comedy Festival 2015 and 2017. AND if that's not enough he is the winner of Comedian's Choice - best show 2018

Beautifully daft, Currie's shows are comedy in it's purest form. A frenzy of silliness and joy, coupled with an at times perfectly pitched melancholy that serves only in making the laughter louder, Paul Currie is a gifted mime, a committed clown and a stand-up comedian unlike anything else you're ever likely to see. 

"Paul Currie is a disturbingly brilliant comic who plays his crowd like the conductor of an orchestra. Currie’s ability to have the audience in his thrall is genius."  Broadway Baby 2018

"The way Currie interacts with the crowd is a marvel in itself as he effortlessly manipulates them with barely a word. The audience are treated with love and respect and it’s hard to see a face that doesn’t grin with childish glee at the antics in the room. Hot Donkey balances the right amount of the absurdity in a comedy hour that will tickle the heart of even the most straight laced cynics." The WEE Review 2018

"Currie is utterly unique. A new standard has been set for the fringe." The Skinny

"There was something extra original about this guy, it was like watching the Monty Python version of stand-up comedy." FringeGuru

Age Range18+

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