NI Science Festival: Revenge - A Dish Best Served Cold?

Date Wednesday 22 February 2023
Time 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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NI Science Festival: Revenge - A Dish Best Served Cold?


The Crescent is delighted to welcome to the Cube, NI Science Festival for a series of events as part of their 2023 programme. 

Why do people take revenge? It’s a fascinating question, which psychologists have been trying to answer for a while. We may feel we intuitively understand it. After all, we’ve probably all wanted to take revenge at some point, and it’s constantly explored in books, film, and television programmes. Yet the discoveries that psychologists have made about revenge may surprise you.

This talk explores scientific discoveries about why we take revenge. It also presents the results of a new study on the subject by psychologists at Queen’s University Belfast. The study uses online games to explore how brain functioning affects revenge as well as how it is linked to tiredness, mood, and emotions.

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Age Range18+ years

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