NI Science Festival: Hana Walker-Brown - A Delicate Game

Date Tuesday 21 February 2023
Time 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
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NI Science Festival: Hana Walker-Brown - A Delicate Game


Brain Injury, Sport and Sacrifice

The Crescent is delighted to welcome to the Cube, NI Science Festival for a series of events as part of their 2023 programme. 

Join award-winning audio documentary maker, podcast creator and author, Hana Walker-Brown as she tackles the topics of power, science and sport, sharing insights from her debut book, A Delicate Game: Brain Injury, Sport and Sacrifice.

Shining the spotlight on the degenerative brain disease, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), the creator of award-winning podcast, A Beautiful Brain, takes a considered look at concussion injuries in sport and the links to brain injury and disease.

Telling the stories of sports professionals and their families, alongside those of the scientists and researchers involved in this area, A Delicate Game is a powerful work of investigative journalism which explores the darker side of the sporting world - the passion, the truth and the violence.


Hana Walker-Brown is a multi-award-winning audio documentary maker, writer and the Creative Director for Broccoli Productions, a London based podcast production company founded in direct response to the lack of opportunities for minority talent both in front of and behind the mic. In 2019, Hana Walker-Brown created the Audible original, The Beautiful Brain, a multi-award-winning podcast docuseries about West Bromwich Albion hero Jeff Astle and CTE

Hana has created work for Audible, the BBC, the Guardian, National Geographic, Spotify and Warner Brothers among many others.

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Age Range14+ years

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