NI Science Festival: Erica McAlister - The Fascination of Flies

Date Saturday 25 February 2023
Time 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
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NI Science Festival: Erica McAlister - The Fascination of Flies


The Crescent is delighted to welcome to the Cube, NI Science Festival for a series of events as part of their 2023 programme.

When most people think of museums they think of bones and stones – long-dead specimens from times gone by. Museums, however, are not static institutions but dynamic research centres focusing on the many current research topics which impact all of us on this planet.

In this captivating talk, Dr Erica McAlister will take you behind the doors of the fly department at London’s Natural History Museum, discussing some of the Diptera (fly) research that’s helping us unlock the answers to all sorts of questions. From studying mosquitoes in Africa and those found under London, to giving flies a bath and blowdry to extract historic DNA - and trying to figure out where our summer migrants come from – she’ll cover all this and more.

Join us for this fascinating introduction to an insect that might just surprise you and find out how flies are assisting us with everything from climate change to the study of disease transmission.

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Age Range12+ years

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