HRSE Season Ensemble: Ulster Youth Orchestra Workshop and Concert

Date Wednesday 28 March 2018
Time 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Welcome to Hard Rain SolistEnsemble’s 2017/18 Season.

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HRSE Season Ensemble: Ulster Youth Orchestra Workshop and Concert


This workshop will see Hard Rain SoloistEnsemble team up with some of the talented players of the Ulster Youth Orchestra to explore repertoire for an unspecified group of instruments under the baton of Sinead Hayes.

This serves as a taster session, in terms of the performance of contemporary music, for the UYO musicians and we hope that the experience in many cases could be truly transformative.

As the young musicians are asked to volunteer to participate in the workshop, the material we perform needs to be flexible enough to accommodate any number of players, for any instrument of any transposition.

It is a challenge, and one that both HRSE and UYO will certainly rise to. Those of you who heard last year’s performance of Terry Riley’s In C will know what we mean. 

Repertoire to be selected. 

The Hard Rain SoloistEnsemble is a contemporary music group from Belfast devoted to the performance of modern and contemporary music and are The Crescent's Ensemble In Residence. To discover more about HRSE visit

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