HRSE Season Ensemble: Involute

Date Saturday 12 May 2018
Time 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Price£10 | £5

Welcome to Hard Rain SolistEnsemble’s 2017/18 Season.

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HRSE Season Ensemble: Involute


Duos, trios and quartets are unusually absent from this event, which instead focuses on pieces for the full ensemble contrasted with solo works. However, the cello work Strum, Strum and be Hang’d from Belfast composer David Byers and Save the whale from the late Dutch composer Ton Bruynel both have additional “tape” elements; the latter is all the more unique using as it uses the rare contrabass clarinet. John Buckley’s highly virtuosic 2 Fantasias for Alto flute and the Irish premiere of Piers Hellawell’s Let’s Dance, for solo percussion, complete the solo works.

For larger forces, two of the HRSE commissions for this season appear here. Greg Caffrey’s work, ..for peace comes dropping slow, takes inspiration from one of Yeats’ most famous poems.

The other newly commissioned work, A Battuta, is the latest creation coaxed from the pen of Derry born Kevin O’Connell. It is fitting that a “Pierrot format” ensemble such as HRSE should give the world premiere performance of Frank Corcoran’s own Nine looks at Pierrot and we continue to celebrate our 2017/18 Featured Composer, Ian Wilson’s output with a performance of Involute, a piece that sees the format expand to include percussion.

For the climax of our concert we visit music originating in a film score by the multifaceted German composer Hans Werner Henze. His demanding Sonata für 6 Spieler asks the players to double and triple on related and sometimes unrelated instruments! 


..for peace comes dropping slow* (2017) 
Greg Caffrey (1963) 
flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello & piano

2 Fantasias for Alto flute (2004) 
John Buckley (1951) 
solo alto flute 

Involute (Unterwelt Part 2) (2003) 
Ian Wilson (1964) 
flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello, piano & perc

Strum, Strum and be Hang’d (2005) 
David Byers (1947) 
violoncello & tape

A Battuta* (2017) 
Kevin O’Connell (1958) 
flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello & piano


Save the Whale (1992) Irish Premiere 
Ton Bruynel (1934-1998) 
Tape element by Thorolfur Eiriksson 
contrabass clarinet & tape

Nine looks at Pierrot (2013) World Premiere 
Frank Corcoran (1944) 
flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello & piano

Lets Dance (1996) Irish Premiere 
Piers Hellawell (1956) 
solo percussion

Sonata für 6 Spieler (1984) Irish Premiere 
Hans Werner Henze (1923-2012) 
flute (alto Fl + 2 sistra), clarinet (bs cl + Cb cl), violin (vla + handbell), violoncello (+ handbell) & piano (cel)

*Commissioned by Hard Rain SoloistEnsemble with funds from ACNI

The Hard Rain SoloistEnsemble is a contemporary music group from Belfast devoted to the performance of modern and contemporary music and are The Crescent's Ensemble In Residence. To discover more about HRSE visit

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