Free Trane

Date Sunday 29 July 2018
Time 8:30 PM - 10:00 PM

Mark Sanders - Julian Siegel - Alan Niblock

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Free Trane


Free Trane is an exploration of John Coltrane’s music. The Trio featuring Julian Siegel on tenor saxophone, Alan Niblock on bass and Mark Sanders on drums will focus on some of Trane’s later works, such as Sun Ship and Peace on Earth, and will explore his world of improvisation, free spirit and structures from this period. The exploration of this project will allow the musician increased freedom to develop ideas for a better understanding of the forces within Coltrane’s musical universe.

This experience will be uplifting both spiritually and musically for the musician as well as the listener, perpetuating ever closer to the meaning of John Coltrane’s musical life and paying homage to a great visionary.

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