Carson’s Last Stand

Date Monday 12 November 2018
Time 8:00 PM - 9:15 PM
Price£7 | £5

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Carson’s Last Stand


Lord Edward Carson, the godfather of Ulster Unionism and the first signatory of the Ulster Covenant awaits to have his portrait painted by Sir John Lavery. Whilst he waits, he reflects on the pivotal moments of his life.

And so the scene is set for Paddy Scully’s breathless deconstruction of the man who still undoubtably casts Ulster’s longest shadow.

Scully’s Carson is deeply complex, capturing the fire and brimstone of the talented orator at his most verbose and the quiet, deliberation of the politician who was as Irish to the bone as he was Unionist to his core.

On the centenary of the last ever All-Ireland election, Carson’s Last Stand, like the man himself is bold, unflinching, complex and engaging. A wonderfully moving piece of theatre not to be missed.

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