Spanish: Lower Intermediate

Date Tuesday 10 January 2023 until Tuesday 28 March 2023
Time 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Price£90 | £85
TutorAlejandra Salazar

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Spanish: Lower Intermediate

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This A2: Lower Intermediate course is for learners of Spanish who are already working at an A1 level ( Spanish beginners Continuation). You will be developing your speaking, listening and reading skills, with more grammar involved, followed by other activities such games and exercises. This course will help the student to be able to initiate a conversation in Spanish.

We will learn the following:

  • Demonstrative adjectives this/these, that/those (3 sets of demonstrative adjectives)
  • Comparative adjectives
  • Indefinite adjectives
  • Adverbs of frequency, place, time, interrogative, comparative
  • Quantitative adverbs
  • Present perfect tense
  • Past perfect tense
  • Forming gerund
  • Question tags
  • Pronouns: direct object, indirect object
  • Prepositions & Conjunctions

Unsure if this language level is right for you? Click here to read our helpful guide. 

About the tutor

Born in Mexico and moved to Northern Ireland 20 years ago, Alejandra Salazar still has her strong Mexican accent. She has taught Spanish for 9 years to primary school pupils and to adults as part of different community projects.

Having lived in Barcelona for 3 years, the tutor loves how people make an effort to speak the native language of the place they visit and knows that learning a language through games is the best way to do it!

Along with teaching Spanish, Alejandra has a bachelor’s degree in Accountancy, so get ready to learn ihow to count up to a million, as you will need it when you ask for “la cuenta por favor”.


Age Range18+ years
LevelA2: Lower Intermediate
Half Term13 February 2023 until 18 February 2023

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