Label Lit 2019 #PoetryDayIRL

Date Saturday 06 April 2019
Time 12:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Price£32 | £29
TutorMaria McManus

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Label Lit 2019 #PoetryDayIRL


New Workshop

Do you want to take part in a massive poetry project for #PoetryDayIRL?

This workshop will help you prepare for the international project on 2nd May.

You will write new poems and prepare micro-literature responses to the world. It might be a phrase, a haiku, a maxim, a gut response, a shout out, the quiet voice, a comfort, a gentle confrontation, or just the plain truth, Label Lit is intended to be shared.

Label Lit encourages connection in evocative, gentle, human ways through literary art and poetry.

You will share small, original works of literature, on luggage labels, in public spaces.  

You will write new poems and you will be supplied with the materials and information you need to take part in the international project. It’s time to get ready!


Age Range18+ yrs

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