Italian Grammar Fix: Imperfetto & Passato Prossimo

Date Friday 18 January 2019 until Friday 12 April 2019
Time 3:45 PM - 5:15 PM
Price£104 | £98
TutorFederica Ferrieri

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Italian Grammar Fix: Imperfetto & Passato Prossimo

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This course will focus on studying and consolidating some Italian grammar points in a fun and interactive way and is suitable for lower intermediate and intermediate learners.

Whether you love grammar, or it is your worst nightmare, you will enjoy working on the difference between two of the trickiest past tenses in Italian, imperfetto and passato prossimo so that by the end of the course, you will be more confident when using them, both in the spoken and written word.

So come along to get your weekly Italian Grammar Fix!


About the Tutor

Federica Ferrieri was born in Venice. She is a language teacher, a lexicographer, an editor and a translator. She’s also the Honorary Consul of Italy in Northern Ireland, a member of the Consular Association (CANI), and she organises many events in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute in Edinburgh to promote the Italian language and culture in and around Belfast.

Before and during her PhD studies in Modern Greek, she lived in Amsterdam, Crete and Athens, and spent time in London. She has lived in Belfast for more than seven years, where she currently teaches Italian, Latin and Greek at Queen's University, the Crescent Arts Centre and in her own office in the University area.

Languages (ancient and modern) are her passion, and the theory and practice of teaching them in a creative way is something she enormously enjoys.

Age Range16+ yrs
LevelLower Intermediate & Intermediate
Half Term11 February 2019 until 17 February 2019

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