Chinese Ink & Watercolour Painting

Date Sunday 22 September 2019 until Sunday 15 December 2019
Time 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Price£160| £156 including materials
TutorRong-Gen Yin
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Chinese Ink & Watercolour Painting


Chinese painting is one of the oldest continuous artistic traditions in the world.

Traditional Chinese painting uses many of the same techniques as calligraphy, where gesture and control of the brush form part of the artistic method. 

There are two main techniques of Chinese painting - Gonbi (formal brush) where intricate brushstrokes form detailed landscapes or images; and Zieyi (capturing the essence) which is interpretive, using bold brushstrokes. 

This course will concentrate mostly on the Zieyi method allowing students to explore the more expressive and contemporary style.

All materials including a range of brushes, ink, paints and rice-paper are provided and are yours to take home.


About the artist

Rong-Gen Yin, originally from Shanghai, began painting in the traditional Chinese manner in the 1970s.  

During the 80s Rong-Gen was a member of an artist collective and had occasions to tutor in Japan and Germany.  Having come to Northern Ireland in 2003, Rong-Gen has continued to paint and teach. Since 2015 he has been tutoring Chinese painting techniques in the Chinese Resource Centre in Belfast. Following his successful inaugural exhibition in the Crescent, the Armagh County Museum and the North Down Museum early this year, Rong-Gen will run his watercolour course again in the Crescent tutoring both traditional and contemporary styles of Chinese painting.

Following a successful year of exhibiting his work in The Crescent and a tour of regional museums, Rong-Gen is also holding a masterclass for both beginners and those with some experience of Chinese painting and will be assisted by his student, Anna Lo.

Age Range18+ yrs
Half Term28 October 2019 until 03 November 2019

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