Accents for Actors

Date Tuesday 15 January 2019 until Tuesday 09 April 2019
Time 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Price£104 | £98
TutorRosie Pelan
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Accents for Actors


New Course

Accents can be a stumbling block for many actors, amateur or professional, but this supportive course will give you key tools to access accents and you will gain skills in handling a variety of accents as we go through the term.

You will also develop your skills through practically workshopping a range of writers' play-texts and scenes.

Received Pronunciation is an important accent for actors, often used in classical theatre, from Shakespeare to Oscar Wilde, or for particular class-based modern parts.

Cockney, like-wise, is a common accent needed for a variety of roles.

You will also explore the New York accent, as well as General American.

The tutor Rosie has worked with several leading voice and accent coaches and now teaches many accent workshops on those accents she has performed professionally. She also teaches many acting classes for Queen’s University Belfast as well as The Crescent.


Age Range16+ yrs
Half Term11 February 2019 until 17 February 2019

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